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Abstracts. Jiont world congress IFSW and IASSW


Case Approach to Counseling and Psychoterapy

Gerald Corey

Geneva Initiativ on Psychiatry. Annual report


Manic-depressive illness. A guide for patients and fami...

Ruth Thompson Harvey, C.Stancer, Emmanuel Persad

Mental health services

Mental health. What you can do about it?

Mental Illness. A guide to mental health in the workpla...

Mental illness. Can children and young people have ment...

Mental illness. Mental health and older people

Mental illness. Sometimes I think I can’t go on any more

Mental Illness. What does it mean?

Recovery from Shizophrenia

Richard Warner


Kerr A., 1997

Social Anxiety Disorder

Editors Westenberg H.G.M., J.A. den Boer, Amsterdam, 1999

The International Journal of Social Psychiatry

Dr.Frank Holloway, 1995

Utopia, community care and the retreat from the asylums

Dylan Tomlinson, 1991

Working with children in need

Sainsbury Eric, White Tom, Great Britain, 1994

Агрессивное поведение при расстройствах личности (диагностика, клиника, коррекция)

Полтавец В., Первый В., Жабокрицкий С., Днепропетровск, 1998

Актуальные вопросы психиатрии

под ред. Морозова Г.В., Москва, 1985

Бути людиною

Ваньє Жан, Львів-Київ, 2000

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