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A dynomic theory of personality. Selected papers

Kurt lewin, USA, 1991

A Gift of Hope. How we survive our tragedies

Veninga R.

A practical guide to psychotherapy

Daniel N.Wiener Ph.D., New York, 1973

A textbook of psychology

Hebb D.O., London, 1966

An Introduction to Jung's Psychology

Frieda Fordham, Great Britain, 1953

Applied Psychology for social workers

Paula Nicolson, Rowan Bayne, London, 1984

Behavior Genetics

John L. Fuller, William R. Thompson, 1967

Behavior therapy. Techiniques and empirical findings

New York, 1974

Case approach to Counseling and Psychoterapy

Gerald Corey, USA, 2005

Cause approach to counseling and pshychotherapy. 5th ed...

Gerald Corey, USA, 2005

Class Shedule: Dates, Reading,Topics and Exams

Counseling: reading in theory and practice

McGowan J.F, Schmidt L.D., USA, 1965

Critical incidents in psychoterapy

Stanley W. Standal Ph.D, Raymond J.Corsini, Ph.D., USA, 1963

Critical social policy. A journal of theory and practic...

Great Britain, 1998

Dibs: In serch of Self

Virginia Axline, USA, 1964

Extraordinary Groups. Third edition.

William M. Kephart, USA, 1987

Facilating psychosocial reconsruction

Family therapy 5th edition

Irene Goldenberg, Herbet Goldinberg, USA, 2000

Gestalt therapy and beyond

Клейберг Ю.А., СПб., 2007

Groups Process and Practice 6th edition

M.C. Corey, Gerald Corey, 2002

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