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Наркологічна, алкогольна залежність

A primer of reserch strategies in alcoholism treatment ...

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Addiction research and treatment services counterpart t...

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Alcohol in Europe - a health perspective

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Alkohol, tobaco and other drugs: inventory of major res...


Approaches to alcohol control policy

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Community and municipal action on alcohol

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Community response to alcohol-related problems. Review ...

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Evaluation and monitoring of action on alcohol

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Global status report on alcohol

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Guidelines for city action on alcohol

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International guide for monitoring alcohol consumption ...

Programme on substance abuse. Costs and Effects of Trea...

Programme on substance abuse. Health Professional Educa...

Programme on substance abuse. Indigenous Peoples and Su...

Report on Planning Meeting (Phase II) San Josѐ, Costa Rica, 25-29 March, 1996

Reducing poverty by tackling social exclusion

Glasgow, 2005

Report back from the MSM IDU forum

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